Let's shoot videos for the old alleys of Zhongjie!
时间:2022-06-28 撰稿人: 供稿部门:Shenyang Municipal Government website

Recently, the nationwide first stop of "Discovering a Street": the short video competition for youth friendly block of Zhongyangli Scenic Spot of Zhongjie and the micro-film competition of "I have an appointment with Shenyang Fangcheng" was launched at the Zhongyangli Culture and Tourism Scenic Spot of Zhongjie.

The launching ceremony kicked off in the shocking "Drum Array".

There was a beautiful Manchu cheongsam show, popular songs such as "Loving You", and well-known local musicians singing.

The colorful programs brought an audio-visual feast to the audience.

As the block that best represents the civil culture charm of Shenyang Fangcheng, Zhongyangli Scenic Spot of Zhongjie takes the 370-year-old Toutiao Hutong and Guanjuzi Hutong as carriers to reproduce the streets and alleys of Shenyang in the past and continue the memory of the century-old Zhongjie.

From July 7 to August 7, if tourists visit the Zhongyangli Scenic Spot of Zhongjie to record the special delicacies, landmark attractions, intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese Fashion Trend and folk performance in the secnic spot via videos and participate in the activity, then they will have the opportunity to share the cash reward of CNY 10,000.

At the same time, micro-film shooting enthusiasts or professional teams can also shoot creative micro-films in the Zhongyangli Scenic Spot to participate in the competition.

Come and shoot videos

for the old alleys of Zhongjie!

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