All-new BMW i3 rolls off assembly line
时间:2022-05-12 撰稿人: 供稿部门:Shenyang Municipal Government website

On May 5, all-new BMW i3 officially rolled off assembly line at the Plant Lydia.

So far, the BMW Group has presented 5 BEVs for Chinese customers, signifying the company’s further acceleration of BEV offensive in China.

Plant Lydia is the third vehicle plant at BMW Group’s Shenyang production base.

The BMW i3 rolling off the assembly line here is BMW's first all-electric mid-size sports sedan.

Plant Lydia is also equipped with an industry-leading "Smart Energy Consumption Management System" which efficiently monitors and analyzes energy consumption and flexibly adjusts for optimized usage.

The all-new BMW i3 rolling off the assembly line at the Plant Lydia is fully demonstrating the paradigm that "a green plant builds green cars".

BMW Brilliance has been committed to seeking materials with higher recyclability and reusability.

Currently, BMW has established a comprehensive dealership high-voltage power battery recycling management process in China.

BMW Brilliance has built a battery code traceability management system.

All battery code information from both locally produced and imported electric vehicles is uploaded to this platform, which can track the entire life cycle from production to end-of-life recycling and sync with China’s national platform.

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