Shenyang refreshes its best record in history!
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From January to October this year, the actually utilized foreign capital in Shenyang reached 3.901 billion US dollars, with an increase of 438.8%; the introduced in-place domestic capital reached 143.805 billion yuan, with an increase of 19.7%.

Both of the two indicators of introduced domestic and foreign capitals exceeded the annual targets ahead of schedule, ranking No.1 in the province.

Promote the whole chain of investment promotion. This year, BMW Brilliance Plant Lydia with a total investment of 15 billion yuan has officially opened; a batch of key projects, including EVE Lithium Power Battery with an investment volume over 100 billion yuan, ZF Electric Drive Technology, Heraeus Noblelight and Germany FEV Northeast Regional Engineering Center, have been launched.

Develop innovative open platforms. From January to October this year, the import and export volume of the comprehensive bonded zone reached 9.707 billion yuan, with an increase of 53.2%; the cross-border e-commerce trading volume of the comprehensive pilot zone for cross border e-commerce has reached 3.8 billion yuan, with an increase of 97%, which won the best performance in Northeast China in the first evaluation by the Ministry of Commerce.

Build high-level open channels. From January to October this year, China-Europe Railway Express (Shenyang) has run 527 trains, and the national ranking jumped to sixth place. Shenyang-Amsterdam freight route also achieved the first flight, and seven international freight flights from Shenyang to London, Los Angeles, Seoul, etc., have been opened in succession. In addition, Shenyang has also been approved as an entry port for medicinal materials. Shenyang has 10 port functions in entry fruit, medicine and so on.

Promote high-level opening-up

and make the city more attractive!

Welcome to the open Shenyang!

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