Shenyang's economic report card is released
时间:2023-11-10 撰稿人: 供稿部门:Shenyang Municipal Government website

The production field

has improved steadily,

the consumer demand

has accelerated to recovery,

the market expectation

has improved continuously,

and the high-quality development

has advanced solidly.

In the first three quarters,

Shenyang's economy maintained

a strong momentum of recovery

with steady progress and improved quality.

The growth rate of

a number of major economic indicators

was higher than that

of the whole country and the province.

In the first three quarters,

Shenyang achieved a regional GDP

of CNY 582.16 billion,

a year-on-year increase of 6.0%.

According to the unified regional calculation of GDP, the city achieved a regional GDP of CNY 582.16 billion in the first three quarters, with a year-on-year increase of 6.0% at constant prices, 0.8 percentage points higher than the national level and 0.7 percentage points higher than the provincial level.

Among them, the added value of the primary industry was CNY 19.85 billion, an increase of 4.4%; the added value of the secondary industry was CNY 211.86 billion, an increase of 8.2%; the added value of the tertiary industry was CNY 350.45 billion, an increase of 4.9%. The proportion of the three industries is 3.4:36.4:60.2.

The agricultural production

has increased steadily,

and the planting and animal husbandry

have grown well.

The industry has grown steadily,

and the automobile manufacturing industry

has grown rapidly.

The service industry

has recovered rapidly,

and the contact service industry

and aggregation service industry

have improved significantly.

The consumer market

has accelerated to recover,

and the demands for upgrading

have continued to be released.

The investment in fixed assets

has grown steadily,

and the investment in high-tech industries

has grown strongly.

Fiscal revenues

have maintained rapid growth,

and the incomes

of urban and rural residents

have increased steadily.

The overall prices have remained stable,

and the consumer prices

have risen moderately.

Thumbs up for Shenyang!

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